Georgia, United States

A Cold Birthday in Savannah

Y’all, we do not do well in cold weather. Okay, 39 degrees isn’t exactly freezing. But for The Globetrotters, it’s cold. So cold that we don’t want to do much except hunker down and cozy up in our cute little Air B&B. But, since this is Anita’s birthday trip, we have to get out and do something on our short visit to Savannah, our favorite Georgia city.

Interestingly, Savannah is a ghost town this time of year. The streets are nearly empty of pedestrians; a stark difference from our other visits to this lovely city, when we’ve seen the streets full of tourists strolling the historical squares and the riverfront area. But this wind whipping around every corner of the city is keeping not only tourists inside but locals also.


Despite the cold, we decide to venture out for a walk along the chilly streets. A few stops include some antique shops, the Savannah African Art Museum, and the Beach Institute. You know how Anita loves museums. We couldn’t resist a brief stroll through Forsyth Park and a visit to its iconic fountain. Then, a drive through town to admire some of the other squares and monuments.



We wrapped up the day with a romantic dinner at Vic’s On The River, one of our favorite Savannah restaurants.

Honestly, the highlight of this trip is our Air B&B rental. It’s the perfect size for us. A small carriage house within walking distance to the usually bustling riverfront area with shops and restaurants, it has everything we need. We love to cook when traveling, so we pull together a few tasty breakfasts, plus a delicious home-cooked dinner. That’s just how we roll!

Of course, we’ll return to Savannah. Our next trip, though, will be when the weather is warmer. And you can bet we’ll return to our little Air B&B bohemian carriage house!



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