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Lost Luggage Isn’t a Thing for Us

She huffed and puffed and nearly self-combusted. She was pissed, to say the least. And her energy was almost too much to take. She, like the rest of the weary travelers in line, had arrived at JFK airport, sans her luggage.

As we stood behind her, we were silent. I could almost read Michael’s mind: “Don’t say a word.”

In all of our travels together, we had never experienced “lost” luggage. And frankly, we decided that this wouldn’t be the first time. Although one of our bags hadn’t arrived at our destination with us, we were certain it wasn’t lost. It couldn’t be. Heck, we were on the first leg of a three-week trip of a lifetime to Egypt and Jordan, so there was absolutely no way we would entertain the thought of lost luggage.

When we planned the trip, we decided to arrive in New York a day early, and stay the night, just in case there were any delays or issues. (How’s that for Law of Attraction!) We certainly weren’t hoping for any issues, but we encountered this unfortunate turn of events nonetheless.

At that moment, we decided to create some Globetrotter Rules. The first being: Attitude is Everything. And so it is.

There’s nothing like standing in line behind a bunch of grumbling, complaining people. The crowd mentality is infectious, and it’s so easy to get caught up in other people’s bad attitudes. Instead, we remained calm, handled our business, and proceeded to our hotel for a peaceful night’s sleep, grateful that our bags with our overnight essentials had arrived as expected.

After breakfast the next morning, we arrived back at JFK ready to board our international flight. Before heading to our departure gate, we stopped at the Delta Airlines baggage area to retrieve our late arriving bag, only to find it missing one wheel. It was like searching for your wayward puppy who had escaped the confines of the backyard, and finding him safe and sound, yet covered in a muddy mess. Our little bag was there, but it was slightly damaged.

All of that aside, we gratefully dragged that little sucker to the check-in counter, and resigned that the missing wheel wouldn’t be a problem for us. Sure, we could have filed a complaint with the airline. But we decided instead to keep it positive and roll onward.

How you roll through your travels is determined by your attitude. Avoid getting caught up in the crowd mentality of complaining. Be grateful for the journey—all of it. Be gracious to each person you encounter—particularly those who work in travel and tourism.

And remember, attitude is everything.

Comment below to let us know if you’ve ever experienced “lost” luggage, and what you did about it.


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