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Georgia, United States

A Cold Birthday in Savannah

Y’all, we do not do well in cold weather. Okay, 39 degrees isn’t exactly freezing. But for The Globetrotters, it’s cold. So cold that we don’t want to do much except hunker down and cozy up in our cute little Air B&B. But, since this is Anita’s birthday trip, we have to get out and …

Alabama, Biloxi, United States

Biloxi Adventure

There’s something about visiting a place multiple times. There’s the knowing of the landscape, the certainty of what to do while there, and even the familiarity of the accommodations. All good . . . for the most part. But when you’ve been to a city as many times as we’ve been to Biloxi, it can …

Africa, Jordan

To Egypt and Beyond: A Trip of a Lifetime

Here, we travel to Egypt and Jordan for 21 days. Wow! What a trip. Enjoy these blog excerpts, and click here to download the complete blog with photos.   Discovering Our Nubian Roots December 17, 2005: Most everyone on the ship woke up pretty early to take a flight to Abu Simbel to view the …