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Georgia, United States

Michael’s Birthday

  Of all the places to meet one of our all-time favorite travel crushes, it happened in Savannah. That’s where Michael decided to celebrate his birthday this year. If you’ve been following us, you know Savannah is our favorite Georgia city, with its quaint, walkable squares, its moss-dripped trees, and its lively riverwalk. We could …

Florida, Georgia, United States

Anniversary Road Trip: 2021

Every anniversary is a cause to celebrate. This year, we headed south to St. Augustine and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and ended the celebration week in Savannah, Georgia. This road trip was amazing, with a mix of sun and thunderstorms and all the beauty of the South.  A stay at one of our favorite B&Bs, Bayfront …

Georgia, United States

A Cold Birthday in Savannah

Y’all, we do not do well in cold weather. Okay, 39 degrees isn’t exactly freezing. But for The Globetrotters, it’s cold. So cold that we don’t want to do much except hunker down and cozy up in our cute little Air B&B. But, since this is Anita’s birthday trip, we have to get out and …