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Travel just isn’t as much fun alone as it is when you share it with someone. Which isn’t to say either of us couldn’t be perfectly happy traveling the world, exploring, eating, adventuring, and living the life all by our lonesome. But since we both love to explore, and we love each other, we might as well do it together.

We’ve been traveling the globe together since 2003 when we took an impulsive 11-day cruise to the Mexican Riviera. That’s when we realized that we travel pretty well together. From the formal dinners to the excursions to the midnight buffet, we did everything available on that trip, and decided to make travel a central focus of our lives together.

Years later, as we prepared for a trip of a lifetime — a 21-day trek to Egypt and Jordan — we decided to create a travel journal to document our exploits in words, photos, and video. For 13 years after that, we logged a dozen trips and visited more than 25 countries, took thousands of pictures, and recorded lots of video of our fun around the globe.

When we first came up with the idea of ourselves as The Globetrotters, it was all in fun. A way to express our deep desire and passion to travel the world with no constraints on our time or our finances. Over the years, however, one or the other has become a small mountain to climb — Anita took a full-time job that limited her travel time, and then the recession inspired us to scale back on expenses. Despite that, we continued to travel domestically, with the occasional international trip sprinkled in to keep things exciting.

And now we’re happy to share our adventures with other travel lovers.

Our Approach to Travel

We consider ourselves light adventure travelers. From budget to luxury experiences, we enjoy diving into the culture of the places we visit. And that means we eat the local food, engage with the local people (including learning a bit of the language), visit the lesser seen locales, take public transport (trains, buses, metros, scooters), walk (a lot!), and indulge in local fun and entertainment. Our light adventure has included snorkeling, hiking, zip lining, parasailing, and hot air ballooning. We keep it all safe and fun. We also enjoy visits to museums to learn the history and culture of a place.

Finding great deals on travel is part of the fun. Budget doesn’t mean bottom of the barrel. It means finding great prices on transportation, lodging, food, and excursions so we can enjoy our trips and have plenty of money to spend on future travel.

We realize it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to travel well, which is why we also do luxury travel quite well. And for us, well means safe, comfortable accommodations, on-time flights, delicious foods, and great experiences. We’ve lodged at some remarkable bed & breakfasts, inns, resorts and hotels, flown just about every airline (but we have our favorite), and dined in venues ranging from sophisticated, formal five-star restaurants to tiny mom-and-pop eateries, all with excellent food.

Sometimes travel includes those unexpected experiences. You know, those things you’ve heard other people experience and you hope will never happen to you. Well, we’ve experienced quite a few — from “lost” luggage, to delayed flights, and more. And what we know for sure is that attitude is everything! As you read our posts you’ll discover some of these travel situations, and learn how we managed them.

Why We Love to Travel

Travel enriches the soul. Travel expands the mind. It opens you up to possibilities, expands your thinking, exposes you to people who aren’t like you, and confirms that the world is both very large and quite small.

How We Got Hooked on a Lifestyle of Travel

The night before leaving on a week-long trip to Honolulu, Hawaii from Los Angeles was one of the longest Anita could remember back when she was a kid. When will morning come so we can get on the plane and get there?

She, her mother, and sister had planned for months to visit this exotic place. It would be a dream come true for her mom, who had wanted to visit Hawaii since creating a molten lava-spewing volcano in her fifth grade science class. And then she passed on the excitement of travel to her daughters.

For Anita, that trip was everything. They visited all of the sights of Honolulu, ate the delicious foods, enjoyed the beach, and took in as much of the culture as they could. By the time the trip was over, Anita was hooked on travel.

Sunday afternoons always included a trip to the airport for Michael, his parents,  and his seven siblings. They would watch for hours as the planes took off and landed. Watching the excited travelers shuffle to and fro at the gate (back when you could do that) was more than Michael could stand.

Michael stared out of the window as the planes disappeared into the unknown. When will we finally get the chance to get on one of those airplanes? he wondered.

Decades later, Michael found himself traveling the world as a Naval officer. Then, many years after retirement, he finally realized his lifelong dream to travel with his entire family, as they celebrated their parents’ 50th anniversary with a trip to the Bahamas.

What You'll Get Here

Through our travel blog we share the joys of travel, and demonstrate that there is no need to be afraid to venture out. We describe the experiences we have in hopes that you’ll enjoy and appreciate travel through our eyes. In this way, we hope to inspire you to travel and to realize that travel can be affordable and enjoyable.

Ready to parasail in Cancun.
Ready to parasail in Cancun.
Riding the scooter in Curacao.

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