Wish List

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Where are we going next?

We have a fantastic list of places we plan to travel. Maybe you can meet us there!

Sydney, Australia

North/South Island, New Zealand

Bali, Malaysia


Bankok, Thailand

Hong Kong, China

Shanghai, China

Tokyo, Japan

Okinawa, Japan

Mumbai, India

Athens, Greece

Istanbul, Turkey

Marakesh, Morocco

Dakar, Senegal

Cape Town & Johannesburg, South Africa

Costa Rica




Galapagos Islands

Pacific Northwest - Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Alaska

We'll see you there

We love to meet other Globetrotters during our travels. Let us know if you live in, or plan to travel to, any of our Wish List spots (and when).


Travel Reviews

Want us to visit and review your luxury B&B, inn, resort, or hotel? Have a travel-related product you'd like us to try and review?